working for the weekend

this past week has been hell

all week at work it has been a hodge-podge of meetings, troubleshooting, tight deadlines, more troubleshooting and more tight deadlines… argh !!!! with the end of financial year coming up, and major changes at work.. everyone’s gone loopy with deadlines.

with conflicting “high priority” requests from my immediate supervisor and section manager, just makes me want to scream. actually … make that stabbing everyone in sight with wooden stakes.

what really kills me, is that one of the systems has been sitting in acceptance testing, gathering dust for months after a series of “high priority” changes. and now it’s suddenly sprung to life again, with yet more changes…. argh !!!!!!

so consequently, my brain is now numb from smashing itself against a brick wall.

when the bleeding stops. i’m gonna head out, get drunk and dance the night away.


you know those rare occasions, you come across a film where the sequel was actually better than the original ? well, x-men 2 is definately one of them.

in addition to a whole swag of new characters (nightcrawler, iceman, pyro, lady deathstrike with cameos by shadowcat, siryn, and colossus) the storytelling was engaging, more so than the first. the movie moved a comfortable pace with the right mix of action, drama and comedy. Continue reading

The result of being bored

so, umm … yeah, as you can probably see, i’ve made changes to the site design and layout. this time going for a more simplified look and feel (hahaha) which hopefully will make navigation easier and direct focus at the content (hahaha) instead. not all of the features have been implemented yet, but it’ll come along shortly. in the meantime, commenting and photologs are currently offline.

but it’s unlikely anything more will get done this weekend. it’s now mid afternoon and i’m just dying to get out of home. i mean, it’s the _weekend_ time for relaxation, catching up with friends and lazing around. not stuck at the pc coding, gawd knows i do enough of that during the week. must have a life sometime. (stop sniggering… i _do_ have a life) …. *sigh*

sadly, i’m sitting here, at my computer, blogging…

Beatification of the beat

the club was awesome last night and the music was, for the most part excellent. although it was patchy in parts, overall we had a fantastic time.

clubbing is escapism, escapism of both the body and mind. in a club, the world beyond becomes a distant memory. to suspend, if only for a few hours, the drudgery of daily life, stresses of work, school or relationships. Continue reading


Sometimes I feel that I’m not good enough. Or that I’m not pretty or successful or worthy of anyone’s time. The people I meet and get to know fill up time and space in my life, but lately I have felt that anytime I put an effort into something, it backfires in my face and I’m left with nothing but a memory and feeling of inadequacy for the opposite sex – or even the same sex (not lesbian-y of course – not that there’s anything wrong with that). But still. I try. And that doesn’t work. I don’t try. And that doesn’t work either. All it does is start off as a “me” evening and slowly turns into a night of fun and good times, yet once another opportunity presents itself the “not trying” turns into “hmm … maybe if I did give this someone a chance” and ultimately turns into something sour. Continue reading

the best summer

Two years ago I was in great shape. In a matter of two months I lost 30 pounds and didn’t even know how I did it, and wasn’t expecting to. I had self-confidence and pride. I didn’t know what I wanted to do but I had some sort of plan as to how I was going to figure it out. And I had the best summer of my life because I was determined to live those two months for me and nobody else. And I did. Continue reading