Choosing The Best Juicer

To be able to make fresh juicer smoothies at home every day, what you need is a quality juicer machine. A juice machine is designed to help you extract or separate the juice from a fruit or vegetable, leaving the pulp behind which is nutritionally useless anyway. This is different from a blender which liquefies anything that you feed into it, including the pulp of the fruit and vegetables as well. Although this can be drinkable, the resulting beverage can contain too much fiber which is unhealthy to our body when taken in quantities.

Using a fruit juicer machine also depends on what kind of fruit or vegetable you are going to juice. For example, tough and hard produce require high-speed juicers that can readily chop and squeeze out the juice from the fruits and vegetables.There are two major types of high-speed juicer machines, the centrifugal juicer and the masticating juicer.

Centrifugal juicer machines are a kind of high-speed juicer that chops the fruit and vegetable while in a fast spinning motion to separate the juice from the pulp. The finest among these centrifugal juicers can extract a very high juice yield per pound of produce. The juice itself is free of pulp which saves you time from straining. And despite the powerful blade speed, these kinds of centrifugal juicers produce only little to no noise at all.

There are also other less expensive centrifugal juicers that, despite having more noise and with less durable motors, are a good value for those who are on a budget. You can also find centrifugal juicers with an automatic pulp ejector on the side as opposed to those types in which you still need to scoop out the remaining pulp inside the basket.

Another type of high-speed juicer is the masticating juicer which chops or masticates, at high speed, the fruit or vegetable into a paste. The juice is then squeezed out from the juice through a screen located at the bottom of the juicer machine. An upgraded version of masticating juicer machines have a hydraulic press feature which automatically places the fruit or vegetable paste in a cotton bag then press it hydraulically.

There are many brands of masticating juicers that come with additional features such as serving not only as a juicer but also as a grinder, a blender or a food processor. The finest types of masticating juicer mashes the produce then squeeze it through a stainless steel screen. These can also automatically eject the pulp to a container instead of holding it inside a strainer basket. And although these masticating juicers produce a lesser yield than that of a centrifugal juicer, types such as the hydraulic masticating juice press can produce the highest quality of juice.

While there are high-speed juicer machines for juicing tough or hard fruits and vegetables, there are also juicer machines that are for juicing delicate vegetables and sprouts. These are called slow-turning juicer machines or better known as wheatgrass juicers for their being generally used for juicing wheatgrass.

Wheatgrass juicers have a motor that slowly turns the blade inside the juicer to press the produce rather than chopping them such as those in high-speed juicers. The kinds of produce that are fed into this kind of juicer machine are those such as delicate leafy greens, soft vegetables, sprouts as well as wheatgrass. While these high-speed juicer machines can also juice these produce, they are of inferior value as because the process of high-speed juicing can oxidize the sprout or the green juices, therefore resulting to a spoiled, metallic-tasting beverage. However, if you are planning on making all kinds of juices, then you better purchase both high-speed and slow-turning juicer machines.

You can purchase a juicer machine at department stores but the line of juicer machines that they offer at these places are only the top of the line with a little variety to choose from. Try visiting health food stores as well as online health stores ( where you can find juicer machines that have a wide selection of different brands as well as price range. Purchasing a juicer machine is a healthy choice especially for your future. Drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juices can give you a boost of nutrients that will make your body healthy as well as fit.


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