Tips For Building Chest Muscle

Have you tried almost every exercises thought to you to build your chest muscle, and tired of waiting to see the results? You might be doing it the wrong way. Most often, builders failed to realize this fact.

There are proper ways to do build that muscles and sometimes builders committed mistakes by combining all the techniques all together with the hope that they will see faster results. Unfortunately they’re wrong.

High volume repetitions of cable crossovers might give you results. There are two important movements that can be use to have that chest muscle: press and fly.

In any exercise or regimen, pressing movement is considered as the best way to truly build and establish chest muscle faster. But first, one must start with the barbell bench; the standard way through your range of motion. You can always modify it by inclining in a bench. This will target the uppermost portion of the chest.

The next procedure is to add standard dumbbell press to your routine. This technique or movement is proven to be highly effective, as it will allow you to be in motion through a more natural range. This will help in avoiding any shoulder injury and any imbalances.

And finally the last work out to help build chest muscle is what they called the wide grip dips. Most builders often overlooked this exercise that is ideal and excellent for on the whole chest development. With this method and movement, it is really very important to make sure that your grip is wide enough.

Of course, nutrition is just as important as exercise. You can follow the advice of experts or get an anabolic diet meal plan here that you can follow each day. The main thing is to consume enough protein to allow your muscles to repair and grow gradually.

You have to make sure that the stress or pressure is on the area of your pectorals and not on your triceps. When performed and done accurately, correctly and precise, these movements will surely add obvious mass to your chest muscles.

Honing My SEO Skills

So I was recently talking to my friend Tony, who is an SEO expert in Blackpool. He shared with me some of his best tips, so I thought I would share them below.

1. Plan your search engine optimization

Before you start to search engine optimize your website, you need to plan and lay out a strategy. Then you will not have to do twice the work, and you have something to go on when optimizing.

Analyze competition

We imagine that you are new to SEO. You want to be number one when you google “accounting”, that everyone in the industry. You have to start by being realistic. When you bet on the word “accounting” are competing with the whole of the UK. There are hundreds of accounting firms that are bigger than you and who are investing lots of time and money to be high on so general keywords.

To do well on Google, you need to find a niche you. Therefore, it is perfect to start locally. There are many other accounting firms in Blackpool? Some are bigger than you? How work the other? What words appear they? What do those who are good at their websites? Have good eye on the competition so it will be easier to compete.

What keywords should you invest in?

Think about the words you want to appear on. What can your potential customers might search? How do you look yourself on Google? Put yourself in your customer’s situation. Someone who is looking for help with accounting in Blackpool can the example search for “accounting Blackpool”, “help with accounting in Blackpool” or “accounting firm in Blackpool”.

You can find a niche you further by focusing on keywords that have to do with more specific services you offer. It is easier to be high on words that fewer betting on.

2. Produce unique content

Give the visitor value and reason to return

Google recognizes when unique content is produced and reward sites that continually publish this. Giving your visitors something of value (how-to articles, tips, industry news) is not only great for visitors but also for your positions on Google. Do not copy other people’s texts or guides. The writer of an article first be seen by Google as the original source, and it will be worth the extra. Good content also give your visitors a reason to return and the chance that they convert to customers increases.

Print engine optimized texts

The text you type is one of the main things about Google’s robots look at when deciding what position you get in the search results list. Here are some tips for search engine optimized texts:

– Use your keywords and keyword phrases in the texts.
– Start a sentence with a keyword.
– Use bold or italics to show that some words are particularly important.
– Do not repeat the keywords too many times, it does not help.

Handy Money Saving Ideas For The Kitchen

If you run a busy household, then you know for certain how expensive it can be. Keeping up with all the washing, cleaning and cooking can not only be tiring but also have a big financial effect. Fortunately there are a few things you can do in the kitchen to save money and we’ll examine them below.

#1 – Use the leftovers

Food waste is one of the most costly each week. If you look at just how much food actually goes in the bin it might really surprise you. So one thing you can do is to try and cut back on the amount being thrown away. You can store leftovers for another day. Just use vacuum sealers and freeze any food you have cooked. These are ideal to defrost and use on another day.

#2 – Buy cheaper ingredients

You might be used to buying big brand named foods. But have you ever tried some of the store brand options? If not then it’s about time you tried them. In most cases the foods taste the same or even better than the more expensive brand named foods. This alone can save you up to 50% on your weekly shop.

#3 – Cook in bulk

If you’re making a meal on a Monday, then why not make enough to freeze and use for other days in the week or even the next month. Cooking in bulk means you’ll not have to use the oven each day, so will save you a lot of money on your gas bill.

Just these 3 things alone can help you to cut back on your weekly expenses. If you are always mindful about saving money in any way you can, then you’ll find yourself making these changes and they will become normal to do.

More Truth About Building Muscle

With so much information available online these days, it’s hard to believe what you read. Sure, some of it is really useful and correct but there is just so much rubbish and untrue information it’s unreal. Take muscle building for example. Some people say just lift heavy weights, where others say it’s all about nutrition.

What’s The Real Truth?

Well the truth is actually a combination of both. You need to exercise enough with heavy weights but not too much as to burn out and also eat the correct nutrition that allows the correct repair of your muscles that allows them to grow.

Here are some tips to help you build muscle:

Eat The Correct Nutrition

Every human body is different. So if you read that you must eat XX amount of carbohydrates a day or you must consume XX calories a day then don’t pay too much attention to them. What you need to do is work out what actually works for YOU.

You need enough carbs so as to gain weight and enough protein to repair your muscles after training. There are many benefits of a vibration machine that can help to work the muscles too after a workout. A small amount of fats are also essential for a healthy body so don’t cut them out completely.

Once you start on a nutrition plan, you’ll quickly see what is working and what is not. If you’re putting on weight but now muscle then cut back on carbs or increase the weight on your barbell and dumbbells.

Use Supplements That Aid Not Harm Your Body

A lot has been said about bodybuilding supplements. There are really useful ones such as creatine and protein powders and harmful ones like steroids. Here we’re all about natural and healthy fitness, so we’ll stick to what works and won’t harm the body.

Creatine and protein supplements are great to give the body essential energy and muscle repairing capabilities. When used daily they can really aid in muscle growth.

Lift Heavy Weights

Yes, sounds obvious right? But the truth is that some people use weights and do 10-15 reps. If you can do this amount then the weight isn’t heavy enough. To encourage muscle growth, you should be able to do 6-8 reps only. Try and do 2-3 sets of these and that is enough to really get the muscles bulging and growing. If you do more reps than that you are simply turning the routine into a cardio one and not a muscle building one.

Hopefully you have found these tips useful and realise that not all information you can find online is accurate. Just trust in your own body as that is the best measure of what is working or not.

How to Build Muscle

My boyfriend wanted to muscle in (literally!) on my blog, so I said I would let him post some tips about bodybuilding. It’s what he enjoys and is very good at it, so I decided to let him.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a bodybuilding newcomer is to try and copy what professional bodybuilders are doing. If you are starting out and try to copy their routines then you just won’t grow muscles as efficiently as you could. This is because they have taken a long time to get the physique they have and they can train with heavier weights.

As a newcomer you first need to follow the basic steps before moving onto the advanced level. So let’s take a look at how to build muscle effectively when you are just starting out:

Get Stronger – This sounds obvious but you need to get stronger to get larger muscles. So weight training is the best way to get stronger. First you should start out with just the barbell and no weights at all. Get the technique right for each exercise before adding the weight. Technique is crucial to make sure the exercises will be effective.

As well as the weight training, basic exercises can be incorporated to build up your strength, such as push ups, reverse crunches, pistols and dips. These will help the shoulders, arms and back to be naturally stronger. When these exercises get easy, you can add weights to the body to make them more difficult.

Using Free Weights – Bodybuilding and weight training doesn’t necessarily mean having to go to the gym. Actually free weights can be more effective than machines. All you need is a barbell and a set of dumbbells with various weights to give you all you need. Free weights allow for more natural movements and machines will only give fixed movements.

Using free weights also means you are controlling the balance of the weights, not the machines. So you are using more strength in each exercise. More strength means you’ll have more muscles. There are also dozens of different exercises you can do with free weights as opposed to machines that are designed for just one purpose only.

Work Your Full Body – When you look at professional bodybuilding workout routines you will notice that many exercises will isolate an individual muscle group. This is fine once a base strength has been established. But when starting out you need to get the base strength first, so focus on full body workouts that exercise more than one muscle group at a time.

So try exercises like squats, bench presses, pull-ups and deadlifts as these are great for building core strength. Smith machines – like these – Once you have the core strength you can move onto isolated exercises for each muscle group.

These are just some simple tips to help you to build muscle more effectively than just trying to copy professional bodybuilders.

working for the weekend

this past week has been hell

all week at work it has been a hodge-podge of meetings, troubleshooting, tight deadlines, more troubleshooting and more tight deadlines… argh !!!! with the end of financial year coming up, and major changes at work.. everyone’s gone loopy with deadlines.

with conflicting “high priority” requests from my immediate supervisor and section manager, just makes me want to scream. actually … make that stabbing everyone in sight with wooden stakes.
what really kills me, is that one of the systems has been sitting in acceptance testing, gathering dust for months after a series of “high priority” changes. and now it’s suddenly sprung to life again, with yet more changes…. argh !!!!!!

so consequently, my brain is now numb from smashing itself against a brick wall.

when the bleeding stops. i’m gonna head out, get drunk and dance the night away.


you know those rare occasions, you come across a film where the sequel was actually better than the original ? well, x-men 2 is definately one of them.

in addition to a whole swag of new characters (nightcrawler, iceman, pyro, lady deathstrike with cameos by shadowcat, siryn, and colossus) the storytelling was engaging, more so than the first. the movie moved a comfortable pace with the right mix of action, drama and comedy.

where before, the characters came across as two dimensional and stiff, now has more depth and personality. halle berry is more believable as storm after dropping the phoney african accent and trading her stiff white mop for lucious wavy hair. hugh jackman too was convincing as wolverine… effectively conveying the gentle human buried beneath the rough, tough facade. sir ian mckellen (magneto), patrick stewart (prof. x), famke janssen (jean grey) and rebecca romjin-stamos (mystique) were excellent in their role reprisals.

despite having only 2 lines in the entire film, kelly hu was sharp and deadly as lady deathstrike.

The result of being bored

so, umm … yeah, as you can probably see, i’ve made changes to the site design and layout. this time going for a more simplified look and feel (hahaha) which hopefully will make navigation easier and direct focus at the content (hahaha) instead. not all of the features have been implemented yet, but it’ll come along shortly. in the meantime, commenting and photologs are currently offline.
but it’s unlikely anything more will get done this weekend. it’s now mid afternoon and i’m just dying to get out of home. i mean, it’s the _weekend_ time for relaxation, catching up with friends and lazing around. not stuck at the pc coding, gawd knows i do enough of that during the week. must have a life sometime. (stop sniggering… i _do_ have a life) …. *sigh*
sadly, i’m sitting here, at my computer, blogging…